KJ Estate is a licensed real estate agency in Sydney,Œ Australia Œand we are the representatives of major property developers. Our goals are to provide the quality real estate properties and most comprehensive property management services to our clients. KJ Estate is the exclusive strategic partner of AOJI Education Group, the largest education and migration agency in both China and Australia, and the profound collaboration enables us to formulate the most customised investment services to clients.

KJ Estate endeavours in optimising our service package to suit our clients’ specific need for investment, financing, migration settlement and visa application. We work closely with AOJI Education Group to build a team of experts of different professionals, including registered real estate agents, interior designers, financial advisors, senior accountants, registered migration agents and experienced educational consultants. Our sole purpose is to provide ‘one-stop’ services to clients because we believe a good investment is beyond financial return and often it involves the solutions to schooling, career and settlement. We have faith that our elite team is capable of providing the most tailored and comprehensive advices to assist our client in investment decision.

Why Us? Because we are,

The Most Comprehensive Services. Investment decision is beyond the consideration of money and it to a large extent reflects the choice of life style. A good investment must take into account of many factors, for instance, schooling for children, future career, visas for family and investment return. We are capable of covering these demands of our clients, and we are prompted to design the most suitable investment plan to our customers.

The Most Experienced Team. Our team consists of experts from different professions. They will assess the requirement of clients and provide their professional assistance.

Strong Industry Link. We remain comprehensive partnerships with major Australian financial institutes and property developers. Therefore we are able to assist our clients in receiving the most sophisticated financial products and in selecting the most desirable investment for maximising returns.

Stable Returns. Out strategic partner AOJI Education Group serves over thousands clients every year to come to Australia for education and migration. They all demand rental solutions when they arrive. These great demands will provide stable rental return to our clients’ property investments and our team of experts will offer supplementary services to manage their properties.