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Invest in Australia

Invest in Australia

Australia is one of the most cultural diversified countries in the world; according to Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost a quarter of its population was born overseas. The labour force in Australia makes up of people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds since its migration policy absorbs immigrants from all over the world. The economic and institutional environments allow investors to enjoy the following distinguished advantages:

1. Stable Investment Return
According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, the house price in Australia doubles every 7-10 years and it can be verified by the records in the last few decades. Purchasing real estate properties has become a major means of investing in Australia; besides from the possible return in asset value, the merit of rental income also makes the investment rewarding and easier to apply mortgage.

2. Highly Regulated Real Estate Industry
Australia has strict regulations governing real estate agency industry; employees must have licences to practise and they are subject to auditing every year. Typical participants in this industry include sales executives, lawyers, investment advisors, valuers, accountants, brokers and etc. Majority of them have at least bachelor degrees and speak more than one language. They are well aware of professional ethics and have good self-discipline.

3. Active Financial Service Industry
Financial service industry is one of fastest growing industry in Australia and it maintains the growth rate of 5.3% since 1980s. According to Forbes, Australian Funds Management Industry ranks number four in the world and the total amount of managed fund has exceeded USD$51.7 billion now. The stability and degree of regulation of Australian banking industry rank number two in the world while the quality of service ranks number three. The highly developed, stable and circulated financial market makes Australia one of the hubs for Asia-pacific capital flows.

4. Pleasant Living Environment and the World Best Resource Supply
Australia is deemed as a fortunate country since it has abundant natural resources which include minerals, natural gas and etc. Sydney and Melbourne always rank top in the most pleasant living cities comparisons. It has the most comfortable climates, unique and beautiful environment, highly developed society and infrastructures; it is one of the most liveable countries in the world.

5. Sophisticated Welfare and Security System

Australia offers free medical and education to all citizens and permanent residents; people from all social classes can enjoy the welfare and security system.

6. Open while Efficient Regulation and Relaxed Environment for Business Startup
Australia provides the most ideal environment for investment and business development. It takes the simplest procedure for business startup and the institutional processing can be completed in two days. Investors can have more control over its investment since the business and institutional environments enable better predictability and stability.

7. Time Zone
Among all the financial hubs, Australian stock market opens first in the world every day, and it fills the time gap between US and Europe trading hours. Also, the time differences between Australia and other Asian financial hubs, like China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, are only 2 to 3 hours; thus Australia can almost provide instant service to Asia clients and the visitors from Asia will has less hassle in dealing with jetlag.

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