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Migration and Investment

Australia has traditionally been a safe place to invest in property. Population growth, rising incomes and a strong rental demand are key contributors to positive investment returns in Australia.

On its own, Australian property investment cannot guarantee automatic residency under the various migration programs, however such investment will certainly have a significant and positive impact in the assessment of visa applications.

Whilst ownership of Australian property would be a consideration for any visa application it may particularly be a distinct advantage to the following visa applicants.

1. Business Owners and Investors

Under the Business Skills migration program, overseas business owners and investors are encouraged to bring their knowledge, experience and capital to Australia to establish or manage an existing business, or simply invest in its resources.

Ownership of Australian property will certainly underpin your commitment to establishing a solid investment base in this country. There is no doubt that to own assets in Australia, particularly property, indicates a seriousness about settling here and is evidence that you will have no difficulty establishing yourself in Australia. This is one of the criteria for a successful application.

The temporary Business Visitor visa will allow you to visit Australia to inspect properties with a view to investing in them, or to personally inspect properties already owned and check on the management of the properties.

Most Business Skills visa has pathways to permanent residency. Initially, you enter Australia on a provisional (temporary) visa for 4 years and, after satisfactory evidence of a specified level of business or investment activity, you may then apply for permanent residence.

2. Self-Funded Retirees

The Business Skills program also caters for self-funded retirees who would like spend their ‘golden years’ experiencing our very relaxed lifestyle, but returning to their home base in their ‘twilight years’. The Australian Government is keen to attract this type of resident, albeit on a temporary basis.

Although a strong net asset base is a mandatory consideration for assessment, Australian property ownership can be counted towards meeting this criterion.

3. Students

In most student visa applications evidence is required of the financial resources of the family from which the student comes before a visa will be granted. The ownership of property in Australia would again strengthen your application, particularly if it is property in which you can be accommodated or if the income from it could be used to support you while studying here.

Recent changes in legislation have allowed students (who are on a student visa for a minimum 12 months) to purchase property without a limit on its value, thereby allowing you to invest in the more desirable growth areas.

Parents who also invest in properties are demonstrating a commitment to support their children in a safe environment.

4. Student Guardians

This is included in the Student visa program, which is the provision for a parent, or close relative, to accompany their child student (under 18 years) to Australia under the popular Student Guardian visa.

As the Australian Government will be most concerned about where the child and guardian will live, the purchase of property will have a very significant bearing in the assessment of visa applications.

5. Skilled Workers

Australian property ownership is generally not a requirement for this migration program however such an investment can only strengthen your application.

This is just a snapshot of the Australian immigration system where Australian property investment may be of significant consideration.

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