Our Services

Property Investment: our team of sales and property experts will assist you in selecting the most desirable properties from the series of real estate projects in major cities of Australia.

Legal Aid: our business partner legal experts can assist you with their legal matters relating to property investment. While protecting the customers’ legal rights they also committed to provide customers the best interests.

Property Management: our professional property management team will help our customers to manage their properties and report the conditions of the properties periodically.

Visa Service: if you plan to visit Australia, our visa support team will help you with the most suitable visa arrangements to get through the settlement smoothly.

Education: whether your child is to select the Australian schools or intends to study in university master’s and doctoral degree programs, our strategic partner AOJI Education Group will provide you the professional service to meet your educational needs.

Career Development: our professional career consultants will help you and your child to cover the career development planning and enquiries.