Property investment should be easy. You invest, you earn a return. Simple as that! Your property manager should take care of everything in between.

That’s how it is when you engage with KJ Estate.

It all comes down to service. Professional, efficient, personalised, committed, expert, responsive, proactive service. Service that’s tailored to your unique needs, not a generic work instruction that follows the path of least resistance. We guarantee it.

Whether you have a single investment property or an entire portfolio, we keeping it well maintained, tenanted and delivering maximum return. The way we see it, if you’re spending time on anything but your monthly statement and your annual return, then we’re not doing our job properly.

We do all in our power to deliver this balance. Your investment relies on it. And so does our success.

A good property manager, a specialist of property management, can be the difference between property headache and investment headway.

At KJ Estate, we understand the property investors’ needs. And we go to great lengths to ensure those needs are met. After all, client satisfaction has been and always will be the secret to our property management success.

We will provide the following services so yours will be a successful property investment:

  1. Careful tenant selection
  2. Expert lease negotiation
  3. Timely proactive communication
  4. Effective marketing
  5. Full rent arrears management
  6. Cash flow management
  7. Inspections & maintenance
  8. Comprehensive financial reporting

When all eight of these factors are effectively managed, the end result is an investment that remains well maintained and well tenanted, thereby delivering excellent return on investment without adversely affecting investor cash flow and peace of mind.